Saturday, May 24, 2008

summer, hookah, & moe

Summer is finally here. Sure, it's only 60ยบ and rainy in So Cal, but despite the clouds, there is a great feeling of relief in the air! School is out for Rosemead, which means I have my husband back for a few months. The first year has come and gone. Only four more to go! It's only been a few days, so i've found that Dusty still doesn't quite know what to do with himself. My advice was for him to clean the apartment, so instead he went out and bought a hookah and a moped... Not quite what I was going for, but i must admit, they are both pretty fun purchases. We named our moped Moe 'Scoot Scoot' Plattner. We haven't decided if it's a girl or boy, so Moe seemed like it would work for either (remember Moe from the Nickelodeon show "Guts"?). Now we're on our way to IKEA. Since Dusty's in a buying mood, let's see what I can get out of it... :) Although somehow he qualifies all his purchases as "functional" and needed, while everything I want is overpriced and unnecessary. How a hookah is functional, you got me!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

finally a good pic of me and the hubby! thanks rachael! and i couldn't resist putting the one of the guys up. those are dusty's compadres who are helping him get through his first year of grad school- so i love them for that! pretty good lookin' group if you ask me! their wives are super cool too- and just as good looking :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

what the?

so i realize the title i chose for my blog is different... let's say original (although i so stole the idea from those cell phone commercials). the reason for such a bizarre name? when i was 12 my family moved from elizabethtown, kentucky (yes, the little town the movie was about) to the huge foreign city moscow, russia. i lived there a little over 5 years then came back to birmingham, alabama to go to college. since moscow, i have had the hardest time answering that familiar question, "where are you from?".

so my title explains where i'm from, and basically in the process, who i am.

i'm a bit of a small town, farmer girl from kentucky (thus the first 4 letters "kent"). i grew up running around barefoot, riding my pony Ben and talking with a very strong southern accent. my dad was a pastor of a very small country church, and that country life was all i knew until my parents felt called into missions. then my world was turned upside down. in moscow, russia (obviously where the "russia" of my title comes from), i very quickly became a big city, european dyevochka. my eyes were opened to this amazing world packed with languages and culture and i loved it! the experiences i had during those five and a half years made me who i am today. i'm so thankful for the travel i got to do, the friends i made and the independent, world-loving person i became! with a huge mixture of emotions, i returned to america at 18. i hated the fake, fat people i encountered in the south. but i loved the independence i had as a college student. i grew to love birmingham ("birming"). it was a fairly decent sized city with lots of great shopping and restaurants. i made good friends on my dorm hall, got a serious boyfriend and decided i wanted to be a graphic designer, all by the end of my freshman year. a year later i was married (at 20, i know, way too young) and found a little gift shop called Wrapsody that ended up being the perfect place to work through the rest of college. i somehow made it through college. i graduated as a graphic designer with no confidence in my ability what so ever. i didn't even want to think about looking for a job. so Wrapsody promoted me to manager and for 6 months i had a blast. i went out a lot with friends, shopped all the time and was "comfortable" enough where i was to stay there forever. but there's something about being comfortable that just doesn't sit well with me
and i'm always up for an adventure ... so when my hubby, dustin, got accepted to grad school in california, we sold everything but what would fit in our honda, and headed out west (with our chihuahua, bella who i haven't mentioned yet, but she's pretty much the love of my life-you'll see pics and maybe video soon) to Los Angeles ("fornia").

so here i am... and now you know a little about where i'm from and why i am who i am...

here i finally am.

after much deliberation, i decided on a name/address (which i feel is the hardest part in starting) and a halfway decent looking background/layout. i'm a graphic designer so i'm having the great desire to customize this to make it "my own". i know they have those kinds, but they cost money. and they take more time. two things i have very little of at the moment.

so i'm gonna explore a little...