Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My To Do List...

In no particular order...

•Make a website for myself... a good one this time... this ain't no school project, this is the real world now
•Get more involved with Children of the Nations (cotni.org)
•Design a tattoo that will eventually (when money grows on trees) go on my arm (I know what it's going to be, but i don't want to tell yet)
•Continue taking pictures, building my portfolio, and educating myself on design and photography
•Share my story with more people, and ask other people about their story
•Continue to be an encourager and advocate for my brilliant, amazing father who has been unemployed for way too long
•Use my love for world missions and design to start, or add to something great

still thinking... will add to this list, and check things off as i can...

1 comment:

Hannah Hawkins said...

That is a powerful to do list. I wish you the best of luck.